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theftThe Florida based “Felony Lane Gang” has spread across the US. Police said the gang got its nick-name because members always use the outside lane of a bank drive-through when trying to cash stolen checks or use stolen bank cards with stolen IDs. The outside lane makes it difficult for bank tellers to see whether the person in the car matches the picture on the identification being presented to the bank. The gang has even bought wigs to look more like the pictures in the stolen IDs.


These criminals are targeting women, their cars and purses left inside to be specific. Women often will leave their purses, wallets and diaper bags in the car when going places like the gym, park, daycare and church. Any place that is visited for a short time, even cars at cemeteries have been targets. Robbers can quickly use credit and ATM cards and cash stolen checks.


These criminals have been seen cruising parking lots looking for women not carrying a bag, and then they break the car window and quickly snatch purses and valuables. Placing your items in the trunk doesn’t always work either, they have been known to break the window then use the trunk release inside the car to get to your personal items!


So far, the gang has struck in Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana and Tennessee. Just because the state you live in may not be listed here, don’t think you can’t be a victim of this type of crime. This is a crime of opportunity and happens everywhere!


Law enforcement is suggesting to always take your valuables with you when possible. At the very least lock them in the glove box or trunk. But if this type of criminal is watching to see who leaves their vehicles without a purse, they may see you lock them in your trunk.


When anyone knows of a crime past, present or future, they may call the toll free anonymous WeTip Hotlines (800) 78-CRIME, (800) 47-ARSON, (800) 47-DRUGS and (800) US FRAUD. These lines are staffed by trained, bi-lingual operators and are available to anyone in the United States.


WeTip has aided law enforcement with 546,579 tips, 16,028 arrests, 8,245 convictions, and over $330 million worth of illegal drugs and narcotics have been seized. There has been nearly $24 million worth of stolen property and cash recovered in these cases. WeTip has paid $986,165 in rewards to anonymous callers in the 36 years they have been working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to turn peoples anger into action. WeTip works closely with law enforcement, fire departments, school and insurance officials throughout the nation to make our communities and schools safer for everyone.

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