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WeTip Testimonials

WeTip Anonymous Crime Reporting Hotline Testimonials

Good Words From Our Supporters

Vanderburgh County joined the WeTip family in June of 2013 and hit the ground running. We launched a strong marketing campaign and saw instant success. The first couple of weeks, tips came here and there. We used all available channels to promote the WeTip number, and it started to spread. WeTip is now a vital part of our community and Officers are receiving several tips daily. With over 20 tips a week, Vanderburgh County is surely on board. Only about 1/3 of our callers are seeking a reward. WeTip has truly given them a way to clean up their neighborhoods.

Our success would not be possible without the work WeTip does to make this happen. From the point when we started researching a tipline to now and the foreseeable future, our representative has been there for us. We can count on personalized customer service every time to make this a success. Any questions, needs or general check-ins are always taken care of. This makes our monthly update with local media a breeze.

We credit WeTip on their truly anonymous nature for the widespread usage in Vanderburgh County. It is easy to explain to folks why WeTip is anonymous and they continue to use and see that.

Vanderburgh County is truly grateful for the work that WeTip does. We have seen initial and sustained success from this program. We want to thank everyone involved in the company and would love to be a promoter and point of reference for any community looking to find a tip line that actually yields results and success.

Kyle Phernetton

Director of Public Relations, Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office

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Tips Per Arrest

WeTip averages an arrest for every 33 tips received.

Drug Worth Per Arrest

For every arrest made, an average of $20,883 worth of drugs have been seized.

Property Value Per Arrest

An average of $1,078 worth of stolen property is recovered.

Arrests Per Conviction

For every 1.9 arrests made, a criminal has been convicted in a court of law.