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WeTip 2017 Conference - April 20, 2017

Radisson Hotel Ontario Airport, California

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WeTip's 2017 National Award Recipients

Every year WeTip is privileged to present awards to members of partnering organizations who have gone above and beyond when using the WeTip program. WeTip is honored to announce our 2017 National Award Recipients.

Man of the Year

John Floyd

WeTip’s Man of the Year is an extraordinary person.  He embraced WeTip immediately and has shown nothing but love and support for the organization in good times and in bad.  John Floyd has helped to bring the WeTip website and applications into an entirely new realm and has given of himself and his resources like no one has ever done for WeTip.  We are eternally in his debt for all the gifts he has bestowed upon us.  We are proud to call John Floyd our friend, our mentor and our 2017 Man of the Year.

Award of Valor

Officer Darrin Reed

Officer Darrin Reed was killed in the line of duty on Nov. 8, 2016 at the young age of 50. Officer Reed was a U.S. Air Force veteran. He had served with the Show Low Police Department for 10 years and had previously served with the Navajo County Sheriff's Office for 10 years, and was planning to retire in February. Officer Reed is survived by his wife and two children. He is remembered as the loving husband, father, grandfather and son that he was. He was selfless, dedicated and caring. He was everything you'd want in a deputy, and everything good about law enforcement. He wore the badge with integrity and respect. WeTip is proud to honor Officer Reed with the 2017 Award of Valor. Navajo County Sheriff's Deputy Accepted Officer Reed's Award.

Mayor of the Year

Mayor Scott Nassif

This year’s Mayor of the Year is an honorable individual who serves on several committees and civic organizations.  He has been invaluable in the positive growth and development of his town. His dedication to preserving the quality of life and keeping safety a top priority in Apple Valley has been admirable.  We are honored to present Mayor Scott Nassif with our “Mayor of the Year” award

Police Chief of the Year

Chief Sergio Diaz

As our police Chief of the year, Chief Sergio Diaz has been a visionary in the city of Riverside.  Bold and forthright, he has captured the true essence of what a WeTip Police Chief should be.  Chief Diaz utilizes WeTip to keep his community safe and effective and we are honored to recognize Chief Sergio Diaz as our 2017 WeTip police chief of the year. In 2016 WeTip received over 200 tips just for the city of Riverside, WeTip is proud to partner with Chief Diaz in the fight against crime in Riverside, CA

Sheriff of the Year

Sheriff Bernal

Sheriff Steve Bernal has been a peace officer for over 17 years.  He was elected to the office of Sheriff in Monterey County in 2014.  Sheriff Bernal takes pride in his community oriented style of policing.  In his first year as sheriff he received recognition for providing the highest level of service and protection to the citizens of Monterey County, so it was a no brainer when he partnered with WeTip to provide his community with one more avenue to safely report crimes.  We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and we are honored to present our 2017 Sheriff of the Year award to Sheriff Steve Bernal.

School District of the Year

Garden Grove USD

The Garden Grove Unified School District is the third largest school district in Orange County, the 11th largest in the State of California, and the 98th largest school in the United States. So when it came to finding a resource for students to report bullying, Dr. Arthur Cummins chose WeTip. Knowing the critical aspect of rolling out a program effectively, he instituted a pilot program for 10 schools within the district.The program took off and because of the excellent roll out done throughout the pilot schools, they immediately started utilizing WeTip’s “Incident Specific Flyers” and receiving tips. Garden Grove USD partnered with WeTip in August 2016 since then WeTip has received 8 tips. These tips have helped prevent school shootings, vandalism, future continuance of bullying and so much more.

Arson Partner of the Year

Sam Scranton

Sam Scranton is a Forester at The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) and Deputy Director – Fuels Management Program at DOI-BIA. NIFC is the nation's support center for wildland firefighting with 8 different agencies and organizations all working together to avoid the duplication of resources. NIFC exemplifies the epitome of teamwork and so does Sam. He has been such a valuable partner with WeTip for over 20 years; which is why we are honored to recognize Sam Scranton as WeTip’s 2017 Arson Partner.

Lifetime Achievement

Claudia Swing

When someone spends their life passionate about their work, they live it every day of their life.  Claudia Swing’s passion is the prevention of cruelty to animals.  As Chief of the San Bernardino county district attorney’s bureau of administration, Claudia is acutely aware of the link between animal cruelty and human cruelty.  She has devoted her life to fighting for the rights of our furry friends that have no voice.  It is our honor to recognize Claudia Swing with WeTip’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

SRO of the Year

Officer Rich Randolph

This year’s School Resource Officer was brought to our attention by Police Chief Joe Paulino. Officer Rich Randolph graduated from the Ben Clark Public Training Center and was hired by the City of Colton PD in 2005. Rich is an active member and partner in our community. Rich has been instrumental in establishing programs, such as CART Academy, which deters juvenile delinquency through relations with school principals, faculty, probation, and faith based organizations. Rich is to be commended for his powerful work on behalf of our youths.

Bill Brownell Memorial


As the prevention services coordinator for Schools Insurance Authority (SIA), Teresa Franco has devoted countless hours to integrating the WeTip program into SIA’s school safety projects.  Teresa has been a member of the WeTip Board of Directors for nearly 10 years.  She orchestrated the donation to WeTip of 20 desk top computers this year, as well as 40 flat screen monitors from SIA.   We are proud to call Teresa Franco our friend and colleague and we present her today with the coveted Bill Brownell Memorial Award.

Community Partner

City of Branson

Branson, MO is a forward thinking, proactive community providing the WeTip program to visitors, residents, and neighborhoods throughout the community. The visionary officials in Branson have provided WeTip as a tool to keep safety first for their residents and their visitors. These are only a couple of the reasons that Branson, MO is receiving WeTip’s 2017 Community Partner Award.

Police Officer of the Year

Officer Levi Barbula

Officer Barbula appears to be a little on the "young" side, but don't be fooled by his appearance.  He is an 8 year veteran of Law Enforcement, and takes extreme pride in serving the public. His Sincere compassion and empathy cannot be faked in our years of experience, and Officer Barbula expresses both.  His attention to detail and insistence on having ALL relevant facts are something to behold. Officer Barbula is a true example of community policing at its best.

Community Safety

Navajo County Sheriff's Dept.

With the combines efforts of Sheriff K.C. Clark and County Attorney Brad Carlyon, Navajo County has been a shining example of true community involvement.  Both KA and Brad are members of the WeTip advisory board and have guided and mentored WeTip.  WeTip is regularly invited to the local television show “shooting straight” in Navajo County and featured on White Mountain Radio.  We are privileged to work in Navajo county with KC and Brad and we honor them today with WeTips 2017 Community Safety Award.

Corporate Partnership

Absolute Software

Absolute Software specializes in technology and services for the management and security of PC’s, Macs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.  Integration of WeTip’s toll-free hotlines has assisted them with their 24/7 recovery process for lost and found electronic devices.  We are inspired by the opportunity this partnership brings to WeTip and we are honored to present them with our 2017 Corporate Partner of the Year Award.

Excellence in Corporate Safety

San Bernardino International Airport Authority

San Bernardino International Airport Authority is a regional joint powers authority created by and through state legislation.  SBIAA strives to provide its employees with a safe and efficient working environment.  WeTip had the privilege of joining forces with SBIAA in 2014, providing the airport employees with an anonymous internal employee hotline.  We praise the San Bernardino International Airport Authority for all of their safety efforts and we are honored to present them with the WeTip 2017 Excellence in Corporate Safety award

Excellence in School Safety


For over 35 years ASCIP has provided outstanding quality, extensive coverage & premier services for all their members. We are recognizing ASCIP for all their pioneering efforts in developing crime reduction methods and promoting the WeTip program to all their JPA members. ASCIP is always looking for increasingly better ways to help their member schools reduce risk, crime, threats and loss. We are proud to honor ASCIP for their tireless and unending dedication to school safety.

In 2016 WeTip received over 120 ASCIP school tips, helping to insure safer schools.

Program Development Award

Upland Police Dept.

The WeTip program development award represents new programs and partnerships.  This year the award goes to a department who has embarked on a philosophy of community engagement and exceptional public service.  WeTip shares Upland Police Department’s vision that only through community trust, support and relationships can we reduce the fear and incidence of crime.  We are excited about the possibilities WeTip will bring to Upland Police Department and are honored to recognize them with the 2017 program development award.

WeTip's President's Award

Sean Weber

In past years WeTip has been fortunate to connect with IT developers that help improve our computer system needs. Recently we’ve been challenged by the tech world.  In an urgent need for a phone app, we were introduced to Sean Weber. Sean has not only provided knowledge and guidance in improving our website and developing WeTip’s app, he also acknowledges WeTip’s future possibilities. Helping us broaden our horizons and realize our capabilities can easily be expanded. It is very rare when we are blessed with an outsider who immediately understands the WeTip program, how it works and how important it is, he just gets it. We are proud to present Sean Weber with the 2017 President’s Award.


Police Department of the Year

Fontana Police Dept.

WeTip’s Police Department of the year is an agency that demonstrates professionalism, humanity and dedication to serving and protecting their community.  For decades, Fontana Police Department has utilized and provided their citizens with the WeTip program.  Our partnership is one that is guided by values, perseverance and prosperity.   We value this partnership tremendously and it is our privilege to present Fontana Police Chief Robert Ramsey with WeTip’s 2017 “Police Department of the Year” award.

Fire Marshal of the Year

Fire Marshal Mike Horton

Fire Marshal Mike Horton is responsible for the Fire Prevention, Hazardous Materials CUPA Program and Household Hazardous Waste divisions within San Bernardino County Fire. He has a department of over 100 that he is responsible for and he recently invited us to do our Tower Building Exercise with them all. Besides being so much fun, there were lessons for everyone. Fire Marshal Horton has been a friend of WeTip for many years.  He is a real firefighter that worked his way up through the ranks.  He is a real guy with real life experiences and that is what makes him so special.   We are honored to present WeTip’s 2017 Fire Marshal of the Year to WeTip’s friend, Fire Marshal Mike Horton. In 2016 WeTip has taken at least 40 tips pertaining to arson and/or hazardous waste just in San Bernardino County, all thanks to Fire Marshall Horton.

Insurance Excellence of the Year

Self-Insured Schools of California

SISC believes ethically responsible organizations service not only their members but ALL stakeholders: employees, employers, providers, vendors and local communities. Coincidentally those are the exact same stakeholders which WeTip services; thus creating the ideal partnership.  WeTip’s goal of reducing risk and loss fits right in with the SISC ideology. SISC provides a very cost effective rate environment which reflects its commitment to preventing losses and controlling expenditures. This keeps millions of dollars in the classrooms that would have otherwise been paid out in premiums.

Model City of the Year

City of Yucaipa

In the City of Yucaipa where “quality of life fosters opportunity” law enforcement and community leaders are committed to providing their community with the safest living environment.   Their comprehensive approach to community safety has made their city one with low crime rates.   Yucaipa has been fortunate to ensure that their community is provided with a safe and anonymous resource to report illegal activity through WeTip.  We are very proud of our relationship with the City of Yucaipa and we are honored to present the WeTip 2017 Model City of the Year Award to Mayor Riddell.

National Safety Award

Dr. Dale Marsden

SBCUSD’s School Safety Task Force is a group of professionals that accomplishes real work under Dr. Marsden’s direction. Instead of finding a few members of a district safety team, I found representatives from all aspects of community. There were about 50 people ranging from FBI to district police, mental health professional, local business, sheriff’s deputies as well as community members.

Under Dr. Marsden’s leadership and support this group works hard to find real solutions to real problems plaguing the SBCUSD students. For these reasons WeTip is honoring Dr. Dale Marsden with this year’s National Safety Award.

Excellence in Transit Safety


In partnership with WeTip, Omnitrans is introducing a new safety campaign, “Don’t Touch the Driver.” on its buses and at transit centers to remind the community that any violence against bus drivers is a felony offense. “Although driver assault hasn’t been a particular problem for Omnitrans, it unfortunately has been on the rise across the nation. We definitely want to take a proactive role in protecting the safety of our employees and customers,”

Prosecutor of the Year

Shaddi has practiced criminal law since 1996 and has tried over 85 criminal trials, 30+ court trials and hundreds of preliminary hearings. She is extremely skilled at breaking down complex concepts into simple understandable ideas so that they can be successfully presented to a jury. Shaddi is a powerful force, very talented, highly respected and most importantly, feared by criminals.

WeTip's Annual National Conference 

Thanks to our Sponsors

WeTip would like to thank ALL our 2017 sponsors. We appreciate you all and WeTip's 44th Annual National Conference would not be possible without you.


Aahsome Salon
Benziger Family Winery
Dave and Busters
Davey’s Locker
Employer’s Fraud Task Force
Fiesta Village
Floyd, Skeren & Kelly LLP.
George Thompson
Hornblower Cruises & Events
Knotts Berry Farm
Light Deck
Midwest Public Risk
Pasadena Ice Skating
Sam’s Club
Salsitas Mexican Restaurant
Sawdust Art & Craft Festival
Skydive Santa Barbara
Xpressive Creations

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44th Annual National Conference Speakers

Child Sexual Abuse

Diane Canley, Founder/PresidentTAALK (Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids)

Animal Cruelty; The precursor to Child and Elderly Abuse

Dpt. Debbie Ploghaus, San Bernardino County DA's Office

Active Shooter Training

Chief Joeseph Paulino, San Bernardino City School District Police Dept.

Communities At War; Cops Vs. Crime

Panel Discussion with:, Chief Robert Ramsey of Fontana PD, Captain Angela Stover of Fontana PD, Alex Tortes Community Policing Consultant and retired Riverside PD LT & Special Agent Wade Lee of the FBI

ID Theft; Who Do They Think You Are

Mike McKee, Sr. Special Agent, NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau)

Keynote Speaker

Congresswoman Norma Torres, 35th District, California

Legalization Of Marijuana And The Work Place

Bernadette O'Brien Attorney at Law, Partner, Floyd, Skeren & Kelly LLP.

Award Recognition

Every year WeTip is privileged to acknowledge it's members and those who utilize the WeTip program to it's fullest.

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