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WeTip is the oldest and ONLY totally anonymous crime reporting hotline in the Nation.

WeTip’s sole purpose is to provide an absolutely safe and anonymous crime reporting resource to students, residents and businesses throughout the entire Nation.  WeTip has been established by citizens and for citizens who haveinformation regarding a crime but fear reprisal from the criminal they are turning in.  WeTip has been created as an effective tool for law enforcement, school security and corporate security investigations.  This tool is for the segment of the population, that are afraid, will not contact law enforcement directly.

The WeTip solution was developed specifically to encourage those with information about a possible tragic event to report it. The purpose of the WeTip School Safety program is to serve as THE #1 RESOURCE for reporting anonymous information  across all schools nationwide.

Our best chance to prevent serious violent tragedies is to receive early information about suspicious or concerning behavior. Research shows that good surveillance and intelligence gathering are key violence prevention strategies.  These strategies depend on the willingness of young people and community members to break the code of silence and know how they can be part of the solution (3 studies can be cited)

In four out of five school shootings examined by the U.S. Secret Service, someone knew the event was going to take place before it occurred.

They also found that most attackers engaged in some behavior prior to the incident that raised concern or indicated a need for help.

With each report received, WeTip goes the extra step and follows up with the school that received the tip to ensure it was investigated and action was taken.

Schools receiving anonymous tip information are required to submit a disposition report on every tip report received. Working with teams, following-up on each report, and ensuring appropriate steps have been taken are the crucial pieces that make the WeTip school safety solution the only one of its kind in the Nation. Schools fully utilizing the WeTip School Safety model, resources and staff reduce the liability they hold on collecting intel and data on potentially dangerous situations, both in their schools and in their communities.

If your entity is hit with a crime

Use the WeTip Hotline in all comments, interviews and articles with the media.  Always specify there is a reward UP TO $1,000.  Contact WeTip for an incident specific flyer by emailing your information to and copy (cc) your WeTip Liaison.  REMEMBER-WeTip needs to know the type of Crime, Date and Location of Crime, Suspect information and description of specific crime details, a picture showing damages or victim if available.