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Workers' Compensation FRAUD Hotline

The WeTip National Organization is currently partnering with companies throughout the nation to offer solutions to address situations of workers compensation fraud, Insurance fraud, workplace threats, harassment and discrimination, drugs in the workplace, and loss and risk caused by criminal activity. The We Tip Organization has recognized the need to provide a safe and anonymous way to report FRAUD without fearing reprisal from the person or persons that are being reported

Employees may be reluctant to talk to their immediate supervisors about questionable activity by a fellow employee that is receiving Workers Compensation Benefits.  The WeTip FRAUD hotline provides a safe route directly into the company’s top management to uncover and correct the problems quickly.  Because employees will talk with operators skilled in listening and interviewing techniques, they can feel at ease while giving information about employee misconduct, management misconduct, Medical misconduct and billing misconduct.

The WeTip hotline makes sense.  It is easier to prevent Workers compensation Fraud than it is to prove it.  WeTip increases the likelihood of corrective action and reduces the risk that problems will reoccur.  Knowing that a fellow employee can safely alert top management without risk of reprisal and that your company will act swiftly and decisively when fraud is discovered, serves as a powerful deterrent to improper actions and behaviors, and  bolsters your company’s stand and legal defense on fraudulent situations.


Provides information on unfounded and fraudulent claims


Justifies action on valid reports


Empowers employees to act


Collects complete information


Reports back to HR within 24 hours


Provides National call Coverage

Three Most Urgent Areas

Three of the most urgent areas have exploded in the past year due to a declining economy and apathy among employees.

1. Combating Workplace Fraud

Workplace fraud, particularly fraudulent Workers compensation claims result in massive workplace losses that are revealed due to anonymous reports that expose vulnerable areas.   Trusted anonymous tip information helps to uncover and correct problem situations, identify fraudulent claims, high-stress scenarios, corporate security breaches and violence/harassment situations.

Absolute anonymity is the key factor in a successful hotline program in the workplace.

WeTip is successful in:

• Establishing protocol to prevent and detect fraud and theft
• Uncovering misconduct and corporate hazards, threats, violence.
• Increasing and communicating the likelihood of corrective action and reducing reoccurrences
• Aiding security and law enforcement personnel during and after the incident.
• Provides recommendations on policies and procedures to deter and manage workplace fraud, theft and violence.

2. Drugs in the Workplace results in Fraudulent Claims

The WeTip Fraud hotline works concurrently in dealing with the issue of Drugs in the Workplace.  Drug and alcohol use often result in workplace injuries that result in Workers Compensation claims.  The WeTip Hotline is designed to help expose and discover situations in the workplace where illegal drugs and alcohol are being consumed on the workplace property or work site.  All employees, management and workers are urged to report drug related situations especially where an employee may endangered himself or others due to drug use.  We Tip provides employers with a safe reporting system to help them to combat workplace accidents and supply a safe atmosphere for its employees, deplete liability related incidents and provide a quality product or service.

Anonymous reporting helps security to:
• Identify workplace drug users and suppliers
• Awareness of Effects of various drugs on behavior and work ability
• Identify accidents where drugs or alcohol were involved

3. Threat Assessment

The Prevention of Targeted Workplace Violence.
The majority of employees in the United States will never suffer the affects of a violent attack at their workplace.  The reality is that recent workplace attacks have shaken the image of the workplace as a reliable, safe and secure environment.  Corporate security and management have two central questions: “could we have known that these attacks were being planned?” and, if so, “What could we have done to prevent these attacks from occurring?”

WeTip offers a safe approach for employees to report strange or “odd” behaviors that they might be reluctant to share face to face.   We Tip also takes away the excuse of the “Squeaky Wheel” employee that might be ignored.  Just because an employee is annoying doesn’t mean they don’t have valid information.   The WeTip approach dictates what procedures are effective to promote safe communication regarding possible situations and deter aggressors. Creating a workplace violence deterrent program is a different approach that starts with active participation and reporting at all levels.

WeTip celebrates over 45 years of service this year with over 1,300,000 criminal reports called into WeTip.  16,500 criminal arrests and over 8,600 criminal convictions have resulted from the anonymous tips.   We Tip has aided law enforcement in seizing more than $340 million in illegal drugs and narcotics and has paid out over a million dollars in rewards.